Easy Includes

Plugin to Include Javascript or CSS files to Joomla

About Demo

We have included the Google Fonts CSS using the plugin for styling of our fonts. The stylesheet gets added to the head of the website which can be seen by view source of the page.

Advantages of using the Plugin

  1. You don't need FTP access to add any extra scripts or CSS into your website.
  2. The core joomla files or templates don't require modification as the CSS and script are stored in the database.
  3. The script and css files are loaded into the head of the website.
  4. Helpful for CSS overrides.
  5. As it is a system plugin the CSS and JS will load in all the pages of the website unlike module which loads only for the page activated.

What can you do with the Plugin?

  1. You can add google fonts external CSS file for styling the fonts of your website.  https://fonts.google.com/
  2. You can add fontawesome external CSS file for adding icons to your website. : http://fontawesome.io/
  3. Once you define the font and icon css file you can use the CSS declaration textarea and add class to your website.
  4. You can add any external CSS or Javascript file using the plugin.