Form and List Testimonials Component

We're introducing enhanced flexibility and customization for displaying testimonials. This version features a streamlined single menu option, "Form and List Testimonials," allowing users to seamlessly integrate a submission form, a list of testimonials, or both into their web pages. Here are the key enhancements:

Flexible Form
Display Users can now choose to set the testimonial submission form as either a fixed element or a toggle, providing greater control over how visitors interact with the form.

Positioning Choices
There's the added capability to position the form either above or below the list of testimonials, enabling optimal layout alignment with your site's design and user flow.

Visibility Control
Users have the option to selectively hide either the form or the testimonial list, offering better management over the displayed content based on your website’s needs.

Enhanced Styling Options
We've expanded the styling options, allowing for customization of all menu items to better match your site's theme and branding.

Improved Pagination Styling
The update introduces advanced styling options for pagination, making it easier to navigate through testimonials in a way that complements your site’s aesthetics.

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This is an excellent product with excellent support. Keep up the good work guys!

Roger Dodger

Very easy and fast to install. Had a very minor issue with CSS as others did...nothing major. Contacted support at around midnight PST and they iterally had it fixed in less than 15 minutes. Thanks!


This is one of my best extensions from joomla. It is very neat, professional and easy to use. Even more important is the excellent and timely service provided by the team. Well Done Guys!


Great extension, easy to use. Needed a slight customization to override my joomlart template css. Sent an email to support, got a quick helpful response - many thanks!


Best support you will ever find, fixed some jQuery conflicts for me within a couple of hours and always reacting very quickly to all my emails, sometimes within 20 minutes!!

If you're looking a testimonial extension, I highly recommend going with this one!